About Us



DoubleDozen sells only the most fun, unique and customized products for that perfect one of a kind gift that is sure to be the hit of the event.

We carefully and personally select the items we offer, ensuring they meet or exceed our standards before we allow them to be listed in our shop. We also create the artwork for the items ourselves, giving you that custom one of a kind item that’s perfect for a gift or for yourself.

We own and run DoubleDozen from our home in Calgary, Canada, but we ship from various partners around the world.

Our shop is named due to the significance of the number 12, our lives have revolved around the #12, Mom and Dad met on December 12th, were married December 12th, and everything just seems to come up 12's for us, so, Double Dozen was the easy choice.

This is our first venture in online retailing. we initially started on Facebook, selling our custom thermal socks on local groups it was quite successful for our first attempt. We realized that the holiday season would be our major selling time, so we took what we learned that first year and spent the next 10 months building up a website and populating our Amazon store. That year was beyond all expectations, our website was not wildly successful, but Amazon sales were more than we could have imagined. So now we lead to this website, our newest attempt, with the help of Shopify we hope to provide many customized items to all of our supporters (with minimum programming time, more time to deliver the products you love).

We strive to keep our prices competitive. As a part of this, we offer low cost shipping options for our customers in the USA, we really want to get you a product you'll love as soon and as affordably as we can! 

Above all else, we hope to build a loyal base of customers who enjoy shopping with DoubleDozen. Please let us know if there's ever anything we can do to help make your experience in our shop more enjoyable.

Miranda, Terry, Blake & Janelle